Google Trends: What Coffee Company do Colombians Prefer and Sexual Harassment Accusations Against New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo

Ambar Alejandra Casas Rosales
3 min readMar 4, 2021


By: Ambar Alejandra Casas Rosales

Do Colombians prefer national based or international coffee companies?

One of the things Colombia is well-known for is their coffee. Aspects like the perfect environmental conditions of the ground to cultivate coffee, the species that colombia grows and the careful “cherry pick” harvest makes Colombian coffee one of the most known and wanted around the world.

There are many big coffee companies in Colombia, both national like Juan Valdez Café or Tostao and interantional like Starbucks and McDonald’s. All of these companies sell products that contain colombian coffee in their drinks and are highly popular among the people. But, what do Colombians prefer the most? Traditional based or big international coffee companies?

Graph: Google Trends

By doing an analysis using Google Trends, it is evident that Colombians are more inclined to search and know more about Juan Valdez Café. However, Starbucks is closely behind and around November, 2020 it surpassed Juan Valdez. So, they both enjoy their popularity among Colomians.

There are multiple reasons that could explain this trend. Although Starbucks in only 5 years opened 33 stores in Colombia, the tradition of Juan Valdez make Colombians more inclined to it. Moreover, there are many cities in Colombia that do not have a Starbucks store. Finally, as Starbucks is an international company the price ranges are higher than Juan Valdez that is Colombian-based.

Governor Andrew Cuomo and the reactions to the sexual harassment accusations against him.

New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo has been in the public eye in the last few weeks due to recent sexual harassment accussations against him. Three women, two had previously worked with him, came forward to tell their story about innapropiate interactions Governor Cuomo had with them. Although he has already publicly spoken about it and “apologized” for his actions, he is still receiving criticism, not only for the accusations against him but due to his decision of not resigning.

This is currently a trending topic in Twitter and the news about him have been getting attention in the last few days. However, when analizing the situation using Google Trends, it seems that New Yorkers have little interest on the topic.

Graph: Google Trends

As seen in the chart above, Governor Andrew Cuomo google search had been low in the past few months and in the few days they have continued to grow. On the other hand, google searches for sexual harassment have always been low among New Yorkers . There seems to be a small increase in the last few days that can be attributed to the situation, but in general the accusations against Governor Cuomo seem have raised little interest in the topic of sexual harassment.

It is clear that New Yorkers have been searching for the Governors name in order to understand and gather information about the current situation. However, this new hasn’t been rasing much awareness on sexual harassment. Nevertheless, this is a fairly recent situation, so the trend might change in the next days.